Remote infrastructure


Typical Scenario

You are a provider of surveillance and maintenance of machine or process installations. You have a central data centre with a remote access server that needs full access to each site 24/7. By requiring full network access to each site you adapt to the principles of IP routing and VPN by applying specific subnets to each site.


How it works

  1. Install a TrustGate EasyTunnel VPN server at your data centre.
  2. Install SiteManagers as EasyTunnel Clients at the remote site.
  3. SiteManagers connect to the central TrustGate, which accepts the SiteManagers based on their serial numbers.
  4. Connect your local remote access server to the TrustGate and get simultaneous access to all remote networks via VPN.
  5. Manage and monitor all VPN devices via the GateManager M2M server. Optionally create LinkManager accounts for access to devices independently of the VPNs.