TrustGate softclient

TrustGate SoftClient


About TrustGate SoftClient

TrustGate SoftClient sets new standards for quick and easy VPN deployment due to Secomea’s revolutionary EasyTunnel™ technology. just type in the user’s email on the TrustGate concentrator, and the user will receive an email by which simple “click and confirm” performs the entire installation, configuration and establishes the AES encrypted VPN tunnel. No IT expertize is required; neither for the administrator nor the user. Daily use is seamless; just select Start and Stop tunnel on the TrustGate SoftClient tray-icon.

For local administration, the TrustGate SoftClient has its own web based graphical user interface. TrustGate SoftClient supports GateManager™ for secure and efficient central management, and also allow the central administrator to go online on the users computer via VNC or RDP.