SiteManager Embedded for Linux


SiteManager facts

Did you know that SiteManagers includes the unique Secomea EasyTunnel Client feature for allowing easy enrollment in a VPN network?


SiteManager Embedded for Linux

Our SiteManager Embedded for Linux software provides device-monitoring for multiple industrial devices on a location.

In combination with the GateManager M2M server and the LinkManager client, the SiteManager embedded for Linux ensures uninterrupted and secure access to remote devices over the Internet or private WAN. This ensures a high level of security for both you and your customers.

All models include pre-defined device agents for many brands of PLCs, Panels, and other industrial devices connected via Ethernet, and additionally Serial and USB on the hardware versions.

SiteManager Embedded

On Windows or Linux PC, Server, IPN or HMI


  • Support for typical Linux x86 distributions, e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS etc.
  • Includes Install scripts
  • Ideal for installing on Linux based HMI panels and IPCs
  • Installs as Service and runs in background
  • Requires only 10 Mbyte RAM and 5 Mbyte HDD
  • License controlled from the GateManager
  • Allows configuration and GateManager connect without a license
  • Support for Static Relay data logging connections
  • Prepared for customization for other Linux platforms, such as ARM
  • Basic License: 2 x device agents, full access to the Linux machine
  • Extended License: 5/10 x device agents, full access to the local network

SiteManager Software

SiteManager Software SiteManager Embedded BASIC SiteManager Embedded EXTENDED
Supports 32 and 64 bitWindows Yes Yes
Device agents (default/max) 2/2 5/10
Access to programs on the PC Yes Yes
Access to devices in the network No Yes
Device access via Serial port No No
Device access via USB port No No