SiteManager 3349

SiteManager facts

Did you know that our SiteManagers are firewall friendly – use standard web protocols and only inside-out?


Industrial WiFi Router SiteManager 3349

Industrial WiFi Router SiteManager 3349 is suitable for medium or large scaled projects. It has a powerful CPU, 2 USB ports, uses USB standard 2.0 and this particular model can withstand up to +60 degrees.

Characteristic for this SiteManager is the integrated WiFi module for connecting to the Internet via a local access point or to operate the device as a WiFi access point via an external USB WiFi adapter.


  • DIN mountable, rugged aluminium design
  • 3 x Uplink (Internet Access) options:
    Ethernet port + Integrated WiFi module
    USB for mounting of a GPRS/3G/4G adapter
  • Fail-over support between Ethernet and Wireless
  • 2 x Device USB ports
  • 1 x Device Ethernet port (can be bridged with WiFi in access point mode)
  • 1 x Serial RS232 port (DB9) with full flow control
  • 2 x digital input, 1 x digital output and 1 x output relay
  • EasyTunnel VPN Support
  • Built-in WiFi option
  • 25 x device agents