SiteManager 1139/4G

SiteManager facts

The SiteManager itself and its monitored devices are all centrally managed and accessible from the GateManager server.


Industrial 4G Router SiteManager 1139

SiteManager 1139 is a great choice for basic remote access needs and supports 4G internet access via its integrated 4G modem.

This industrial 4G router supports SMS notifications via its local modem.

NOTE: This 4G/LTE SiteManager must be ordered for the respective destination: Europe, North America or China. 4G is only approved for AT&T and T-Mobile in the North America and may not work with Verizon or Sprint.


  • DIN mountable, rugged aluminium design
  • 3 x Uplink (Internet access) options:
    Ethernet port + Integrated 4G modem + USB for mounting of a WiFi adapter.
  • Fail-over support between Ethernet and Wireless
  • 2 x USB ports
  • 1 x Device Ethernet port
  • 1 x Serial RS232 port (DB9)
  • 2 x 2 I/O ports
  • EasyTunnel VPN Support
  • Support for Secomea Uplink2 WiFi USB adapter (see accessories for details)
  • 5 x device agents