SiteManager 1039


SiteManager Facts

Did you know that the Secomea SiteManager is firewall friendly and uses standard web protocols.


Industrial Gateway SiteManager 1039

SiteManager 1039 enables you to remotely service and maintain your industrial machinery as if you were on site.

This industrial router is characterized by its integrated 3G/GPRS modem which is suitable for industrial plants with limited or no access to wired connections.

SiteManager 1039 also supports sending and receival of SMS notifications via local modem.


  • DIN mountable, rugged aluminium design
  • 3 x Uplink (Internet Access) options:
    Ethernet port + Integrated GPRS/3G modem + USB for mounting of a WiFi adapter.
  • Fail-over support between Ethernet and Wireless
  • 1 x Device USB port
  • 1 x Device Ethernet port
  • 1 x Serial RS232 port (DB9)
  • 2 x 2 digital I/O ports
  • EasyTunnel VPN Support
  • Support for Secomea Uplink2 WiFi USB adapter (see accessories for details)
  • 2 x device agents, upgradeable to 5