LinkManager Mobile Client


About LinkManager Mobile

Where the original LinkManager is intended for remote programming and requires installation on a Windows PC, the LinkManager Mobile is designed for accessing web enabled applications such as a custom Web GUI of a PLC, a HMI or a WebCam. Additionally LinkManager Mobile can establish connection to the desktop of equipment running Linux or Windows. You simply connect to the device with LinkManager Mobile, and subsequently you can start a VNC or MS Remote Desktop client (RDP) and remote control the device.

Since the LinkManager Mobile can run on an iPhone, iPad or Android device, the product is ideally suited for end-users that need to remotely access their own equipment for monitoring status or perform typical operator tasks. LinkManager Mobile supports two factor authentication login, thus ensuring uncompromised security.

LinkManager Mobile user accounts can be created for free in the GateManager Portal when buying a Secomea start package. Such an account allows monitoring of status of equipment and viewing of event logs. Applying a LinkManager Mobile “license” to the account, will further allow you to connect to the Web GUI and remote desktop of the equipment.


Product details

  • Included with the Starter Package
  • Supports 32 and 64 bit Windows
  • Supports iPhone, iPad and Android OS
  • Access to web enabled devices
  • Access to Remote Desktop (VNC/RDP)