GateManager 9250 – Own software server

Secomea GateManager 9250

For users with strict IT policies

Our GateManager software model 9250 is primarily intended for OEMs with strict IT policies, e.g. manufacturers of medical equipment, or for companies that do not want to be dependent of 3rd party cloud services.

How it works…

The GateManager acts as a termination point for all LinkManagers and SiteManagers. The GateManager, which logs all events, also handles all connections and the encrypted traffic between LinkManagers and devices controlled by SiteManagers.

GateManager 9250 in detail

The GateManager model 9250 is delivered as a platform independent virtual image ready to run in a VMWare, ESXi or HyperV virtualized environment.

The GateManager requires just 32 GB of disk storage, 1-2 GB of memory and min. 128KB/s bandwidth. And with a fixed public IP address with a few ports forwarded to the GateManager you are ready to run your very own installation.

Maintenance of your solution

GateManager owners can choose between two types of License Software Agreements. Our favourable EasyService License, where you pay a subscription fee according to your needs, or a Limited License, where you pay a fee as you expand your installations.

Own GateManager model comparison chart

4250 4260 8250 9250
Delivered as hardware x x
Delivered as software for install on Linux OS x
Delivered as virtual image (HyperV,ESXI,VMWare) x
Supports mail client on GateManager host x
Supports external mail relay server x x x x
Automatic backup to USB memory x x
Support backup to FTP server x x x x
Supports backup to SMB (file share) x
SMS support via local modem x x
SMS support via external SMS gateway x x x x
Optional Usage Statistics module x x x x
Suited for Cloud server use x x