Basic vs. Premium Administrator Account

Upgrade from the FREE Basic Administrator Account to a PREMIUM Administrator Account at any point and get access to new advanced features.

The PREMIUM account allows you to perform the following tasks via the GateManager administrator portal

  • Organize equipment in domains per customer, factory, access levels or other logical structure (create domains and drag and drop devices and SiteManagers into relevant domains)
  • Give LinkManager accounts individual access to domains (all LinkManager accounts will, when logging in, pull a license from the same LinkManager floating license pool on the server)
  • Access the LinkManager Administration GUI of your users, for troubleshooting
  • Distribute messages for LinkManager users, that are automatically displayed to the users when logging into LinkManager (e.g. notification of server maintenance)
  • Have the possibility to apply alert rules that will result in email reports when triggered (such as failed, connected etc.)
  • Create and administer co-administrators for GateManager Console access

Upgrade and benefit today!

Hosted GateManager Administrator accounts

Free with the Starter Package Yes No
Create and manage LinkManager user accounts Yes Yes
Organize equipment in domains and give differentiated user access No Yes
Remotely administer SiteManagers (configuration, backup, firmware upgrade) Yes Yes
Access the LinkManager Admin GUI of the connected users Yes Yes
View status on all connected equipment Yes Yes
Associate email alarms to devices No Yes
Access audit-logs (who took access to what, when) Yes Yes
Create Co-administrator accounts No Yes


Learn more about the advanced features of the GateManager PREMIUM Account, download and follow this guide: