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Newsletter March 2017

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Date: 28/03/17



Secomea 7.2 is on its way

The wait is nearly over. We expect to ship release 7.2 in early April. Our latest release brings you upgrades for the full product range: GateManager, SiteManager and LinkManager. Most fixes and modifications involve security patches and improvements relating to the 2017 security audit performed by ProtectEM GmbH. But there are plenty more enhancements to improve sign-ons and connectivity – to make Secomea even more versatile.

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SiteManager – a versatile tool for cloud-based data collection

If you’re collecting data from remote devices, you’ll find that SiteManager is a far more useful tool than you imagined. Think of SiteManager as the multi-bladed pocket knife of cloud-based data collection – the tool you never want to be without. Through a series of five scenarios, we show you how you can use SiteManager to establish secure connections between servers and remote devices. You’ll learn how to make SiteManager your data-collection gateway to the Cloud.

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Learn how Global Neighbors uses Secomea

“The solar power generation has been working very well,” says Glenn, “and the monitoring provided by Secomea has worked perfectly! We have our SiteManager wired into our solar storage batteries via a DC-DC converter, so even if the AC ever goes off we still have communication. I am very pleased with the installation and functionality!”

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Securing data transport to the Cloud

Deployment of SCADA and other industrial data collection systems in the cloud is becoming increasingly popular. There is, however, often a hurdle of getting the data transported securely from the factory networks. The Secomea solution provides several solutions for this depending on the use case. Read the article elsewhere in this newsletter, and watch this video to see an example using Wonderware:

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