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COUNT DOWN: Secomea 7.2 is on its way!

Why the Secomea solution is a perfect fit for machin

As advertised in our October newsletter, release 7.1 is now available on our support site and all Secomea hosting sites will be updated with 7.1 on November 17th. 7.1 is recommended in order to be up to date with fixes and security patches. But is there a risk of updating?

Although reactions to the EasyLogging feature we introduced in Secomea 7.0 have been overwhelmingly positive, some customers remain sceptical. They can’t believe that it’s as easy as we say to set up such a complex network infrastructure. Our answer is to let them try it for free.

There’s more to Secomea 7.1 than you might think. As well as the inevitable fixes and patches for a major release , there are new features that we’ve managed to bring forward. With release 7.1, for example, LinkManager automatically reconnects if your Internet connection drops out.


With Secomea release 7.0 the SiteManager has been extended with new Subnet Agent

Secomea release 7.0 includes new search features for easy detection of devices.


Secomea launches Secomea 7.0, featuring the most significant industry upgrade to date

Global provider of remote machinery management solutions, Secomea, strengthens their North American presence and adds a fully owned subsidiary in Japan.

Secomea CEO drops some helpful hints about the forthcoming Secomea release.

Secomea valued by customers, Data logging and Release 6.2

SPS Ipc Drives 2015, Industry 4.0 certification and Release 6.1 ready

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